Students & Recent Graduates with disabilities can apply to become a NextGen Leader

The Disability:IN Mentorship Exchange is a six-month career mentoring opportunity for college students and recent graduates with disabilities, including veterans, whom we call NextGen Leaders.

Approximately 85% of NextGen Leaders participating in the Mentorship Exchange have gained employment since the program’s inception.


· Meet with corporate executive mentor at least twice a month (can include email exchange, phone chat, video call or in person), review your resume and set career goals.

· Attend monthly webinars to learn more about how to transition from school to work.

· Participate in program for 6-month period (upcoming: March-August 2019)

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Talent Accelerator

The Disability:IN Talent Accelerator is an intensive career development opportunity that takes place during the Disability:IN Annual Conference, July 13-18,2019.


· Pre-Academy interview prep calls

· Matchmaking events with over 100 corporate representatives

· Interview on-site with recruiters from top corporations

· Connect with other NextGen Leaders, NextGen Leader Alumni, and representatives from Fortune 500 companies

The accepted candidate pays no cost to participate in the Disability:IN Talent Accelerator.

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